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danny. THE RINGMASTER. Danny is originally from New Jersey and has been obsessed with making music for his entire life. Moving to New York City right out of high school in 2008, Danny began making himself known in the acting world first, and had the chance to perform all around the country. He enrolled in NYU: Tisch in the Fall of 2009 and shortly afterwards started to embark on his solo music career. Drawing from several genres, Danny is attempting to create a new sound and movement in music. He calls it “Industrial Pop.” He blends the music he grew up with (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains), with modern-day pop/dance music and leaves you unsure whether to bang your head or dance to his beats. Danny pushes the boundaries of your perception and leaves you unsure of what he’ll do next.



felix. GUITAR. Felix was born and raised in south Jersey. He picked up a guitar at the age of 9 and never looked back. Inspired and influenced by everything from Santana to modern hard rock/sleaze bands, Felix has played everything from Latin to to Jazz to hard rock/metal. He has performed at such prestigious venues as the Count Basie Theatre, the Starland Ballroom, The Stone Pony, Webster Hall, The Crazy Donkey, and many more. Currently endorsed/sponsored by Hardluck King Guitars. He is the resident guitarist for the factory and for the NJ- based hard rock band Sick Mind.



phil. BASS. Phil is a multi-instrumentalist living in Brooklyn, NY. Influenced by everything from jazz, metal, latin, and pop, he brings a unique presence and style to the factory blu. His studio, Continental Recording Studio, is based in Long Island City, NY and is a first class recording and producing location. Phil, the resident Nikki Sixx of the factory, also does a great deal of the producing on the new material that that Danny is churning out. For more information on Continental, visit Rock On.




 billy. DRUMS. The New Jersey native is the first live drummer for Danny Blu and has also been seen on acoustic guitar, and keyboards.  Billy’s eclectic-fusion style of drumming has been the product of over 13 years of being a percussionist and instructor of a wide range of genres, including Rock, Celtic, Funk, Ska, Classical, and Marching.  This style has become a staple of his performance, and reflective in his writing and composition.  Billy can also be seen in various modeling, television, and film projects, as well as other musical and entertaining arts projects.  The fusion of styles in Danny Blu’s music marries seductively with Billy’s percussion style, and the passion for performance and production prevalent at the Factory Blu won’t stop seducing any time soon.



fela. DIRECTOR OF SOUND. Fela has been mixing live sound since graduating from Full Sail University in 2002. Over the past decade she has mixed many award winning artists of different genres. She is excited to be a part of the factory and ready to create a Blu Nation!






rg. CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Also hailing from New Jersey, R.G. is Danny’s right-hand-woman. She has a say in everything that makes Danny Blu who he is: Costume design, concept development, production, etc. R.G., who prefers to remain anonymous, has been with Danny since the beginning and has been influential in the creation, development, and success of The Factory as a whole.





dw. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR. DW is an NYC based costume designer and stylist who has worked all over the world. Boasting an incredibly long and genre-crossing resume, his designs continually break the rules and span from the beautifully operatic to the grotesquely sexual pausing everywhere in between. He brings an eye of drama and decrepit elegance to everything he designs or styles for the Factory. Find out more about DW at




glenn. MARKETING DIRECTOR. Glenn, who also prefers to remain anonymous, has been equally as influential in the creation and development of The Factory. Another New Jersey native, he is an expert in corporate management and oversees the marketing and investor relations divisions. Glenn is rumored to work exclusively out of an underground lair known as the underbasement.


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